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The nutritional aspects of apiculture have become a necessary tool in ensuring the survival of hives at the most challenging times of the year. Various factors, such as climatic conditions, the type of hive, the time of the year, the level of reserves, the geographical area, etc., all influence the nutritional needs of the colony. For this reason, our philosophy is aimed at providing you with the ingredients that help you make feed that is best suited to each moment.

At DADELOS APICOLA we provide products, developed specifically for the sustenance of your beehives. We ensure the quality and traceability during the production process, and we certify their NON-GMO origin. In this way, we make sure that our products comply with the necessary requirements for the highest quality levels in terms of digestibility, absorption and safety.

Identify your needs, we cover them

  • We ensure quality and traceability throughout the production process.

  • NON-GMO ingredients.

  • Optimum digestibility, absorption and utilization.

  • High quality supplements and nutraceuticals inclusion to take care of the health of your bees.

  • All our products have been designed by technicians especializad in bee care and nutrition.

Throughout the year, there is a key moment in the preparation of your beehive for the next season: This is Autumn. Ensuring that bees have access to a quality nutrients source is vital to get them through the winter in good numbers, thus ensuring the survival of your hives. Ensuring that your bees have access to a quality nutrients source is vital to get them through the winter in good numbers, thus ensuring the survival of your hive.

Supplementing feed sources with glucose-fructose syrups will also help with maintaining the population during the difficulties associated with flowering failures and in times of drought, therefore keeping the colony active. Our range of Fructobee® Energy and Fructobee® 79 syrups contains a balanced composition of different types of sugars; these are very appetising and energy-boosting. In times of pollen deficiency, it will be necessary to provide other nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.  Through preparation of the most appropriate feed, by combining the different products we offer, you can maintain a strong beehive with good reserves.

The natural nutrition that strengthens your hives



Energy contributions

  • Made in Spain, with high quality fructose, glucose and sucrose.
  • They are specific for beekeeping and are obtained from non-GMO raw materials. Starch free.
  • Compared to other sugary syrups, they do not cause plunder in hives as they give off little odor.
  • Highly concentrated syrup (78-79% s.m.s).
  • It can be diluted with water to favor the stimulation of the hive, especially in times close to spring or other blooms. Dilute only the amount to use. Do not store diluted.
  • Or it can be given directly, as concentrated food, to favor the body reserves of the bees for the winter.
  • It is perfect as an ingredient for making protein cakes.
  • Aqueous solution of fructose, glucose and sucrose, very appetizing and energetic.
  • Focused on the stimulation of the hive (66-67% s.m.s).
  • For direct application in feeders and bags.
  • Saving of time and labor.
  • High concentration syrup (79% s.m.s) with vitamins, amino acids and essential oils (oregano and rosemary) in kg bags.
  • Indicated to favor the reserves of the hive before winter.
  • direct application.
  • Syrup (66-67% s.m.s) with vitamins, amino acids and essential oils (oregano and rosemary) in kg bags.
  • Perfect for the stimulation of hives.
  • direct application.

Available formats

Bee nutrition experts, with more than 20 years experience



They complement the diet and strengthen the immune system of bees

  • Liquid protein concentrate with essential vitamins and amino acids.
  • Contains the 10 essential amino acids necessary for the proper development of bees.
  • Focused on improving the production and performance of hives.
  • Provides essential oils, antioxidants and lactic acid.
  • The base of the product has been tested for more than 10 years in beekeeping, and has been enhanced with prebiotics and other functional ingredients.
  • Powdered protein supplement, consisting of brewer’s yeast, micronized soy flour and fructose.
  • It contains around 30% protein, the 10 essential amino acids for the bee and vitamins of group B and C.
  • It also includes ingredients such as carob flour, which strengthens the immune system thanks to its antioxidant action.
  • It allows beekeepers to make their own protein cake, following their own recipe or under the supervision and help of our technicians.   

Available formats

Identify your needs, we cover them


Candys & cakes

Maintenance and development

  • Pasta food, made in Spain with non-transgenic ingredients (NON-GMO).
  • They are composed of simple sugars, easily assimilated by bees. Maximum 2% s.m.s of polysaccharides.
  • Focused on the maintenance of the adult bee during times of scarcity.
  • Paste food made from simple sugars.
  • They are presented in bags of Kg.
  • Paste food enriched with vitamins, amino acids and essential aromas that stimulate the immune system of the bee.
  • They are presented in bags of Kg.
  • Paste food enriched with Nozevit+® to improve its preventive action against Nosema Apis, following the manufacturer’s dose indication.
  • They are presented in bags of Kg.
  • Pasta food, composed of simple sugars, accompanied by a protein contribution of 7% s.m.s. It is also accompanied by vitamins, amino acids and essential oils.
  • They are presented in bags of 400 gr.

Available formats


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